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RPM Talent Agency has been representing, branding and booking the most well-respected and interesting talent throughout the world for television, film, commercials, theatre, print and voice over campaigns.

Theatrical (television, film, stage, new media)

Contact: Jennifer Sims, jennifer@rpmtalent.com


Contact: Ray Thornton, record@rpmtalent.com

Commercial (non-union and union – including print)

Contact: Tiffany Atwood, tiffany@rpmtalent.com and Jennifer Sims, jennifer@rpmtalent.com

Literary (WGA Affiliated Franchise)

Writers may send query letter and synopsis to: literarygroup@rpmtalent.com

Known globally as a top-rated boutique agency, RPM has multiple full-service divisions including:


RPM has created an EXTREME division that includes talent with unique skills.

Contact: Shawn Barry, shawn@rpmtalent.com

RPM’s approach and philosophy is unique and different from most agencies. We believe in treating our talent, managers, casting directors and everyone we do business with with respect, kindness and genuine care.


By integrating more than 20 years of business, marketing and public relations practices in the entertainment industry – we are able to provide the most successful expertise and multi-level platforms for our actors – from our most-seasoned to our developing talent.


Tiffany Atwood is owner and CEO of RPM Talent Group/ The Agency.  Created in 2005, RPM quickly rose to one of the top SAG/AFTRA/WGA Franchised Agencies, with successful Commercial, Print, Theatrical, Voice-Over, Extreme, and Literary Divisions.  Tiffany’s career preceded The Agency with 20 plus years in front of the camera, appearing in television series and films such as Men Behaving Badly, Life with Roger, Point Charles, Beyond Belief, Miami Heat, many national commercials, and a professional career with the Joffrey Ballet.  With a business resume that includes over a decade of Guest Relations and Marketing with The House of Blues-Sunset Strip, and establishing the Billboard Live-Sunset Strip, her business and PR skills were cultivated working with some of Hollywood’s most elite.

Her unique experiences, industry relationships, and first-hand knowledge of the entertainment world continue to provide a successful business synergy for all of RPM’s clients. In addition to these business advantages, Miss Atwood has three children- twins that are 8 years old and a 12 year old son. Her children have also been involved with commercials and print campaigns that have equipped her with personal knowledge on how to best protect and promote children in this business. She has appeared on countless panels and boards that educate parents on how to get their children started in this somewhat confusing industry correctly.  “Safe Stardom” is a wonderful book written by one of her close friends, attorney Robert Pafundi, and has become a bible of sorts for many….


“It can be a scary thing if you don’t know who to trust when first starting, but something that I feel is forgotten these days is- THAT IT SHOULD BE FUN FOR YOUR CHILD!  The BUSINESS is very important, but that is why we are here and why it’s important to have representatives that you trust and listen too, and also why it’s important to be with someone who is SAG Franchised and provides that protection. It is also VERY important that this business should ALWAYS come second to growing up! There are some children this business is meant for like my oldest son, who has always loved to be on set and to follow direction, who thrives on it-and others that do not enjoy that type of attention or pressure- like my youngest, so you must listen to your kiddos.!”  Tiffany Atwood


Tiffany credits much of her agencies success to happily surrounding herself with other like- minded artists and credited agents and employees, including partner Jennifer Sims who like Tiffany, grew up in St. Louis, MO. This team continues to instill a shared set of values and “Help Ever-Hurt Never” mentality that RPM works hard to inject into their footprint whenever possible. RPM’s Monthly Days of Service, are a great way to come together as an Agency or just as aware individuals who want to help others in the community. RPM has come together to give back to Feed the Children, LAPD, Habitat For Humanity, Angel Food LA, and Burbank Unified Schools just to name a few. They welcome all types of opportunities and often promote their clients’ many “good deeds” on their social media pages as they look for well- rounded artists who are making the world a better place.

When interviewed by Breaking Into Hollywood about her leadership position at RPM and owning a woman owned business in Hollywood, Tiffany revealed a great nugget of insight into her true feelings about her company and career path….

“I am a very fortunate person as my experiences and journeys have provided me the perfect  conditions to assist others in achieving their dreams.  Now honestly, what can be better than that?”  Tiffany Atwood


RPM Talent takes a unique approach toward branding, packaging and pitching actors and writers. As a Partner/Agent with RPM, Jennifer is able to channel her 20+ years of marketing and public relations expertise coupled with her passion for the entertainment industry to ensure actors continue to develop and surpass their career goals. She has been professionally recognized as a force in business as the former VP-public relations for the first high definition television company in the United States, and for launching a hole-in-one golf business on the east coast. She is also known for starting a greyhound rescue group in Malibu, where she saved more than 200 greyhounds from the racetracks and placed in their forever homes. In addition to her business experience, Jennifer became passionate about acting after starring in her first national commercial at 15 and has been involved in various aspects of the entertainment industry ever since - including acting, writing, producing, casting, marketing and publicity. Jennifer brings a broad depth of experience, compassion and knowledge to this position and believes that all actors and writers need to be creatively packaged and presented in order to be competitive and garner interest among industry influencers. Jennifer is excited to help RPM evolve and expand as one of the most highly respected agencies.

internship program

RPM offers a hands-on internship program that has proven to be highly effective, informative and essential for those wanting to gain experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry. Send cover letter and CV to info@rpmtalent.com


RPM’s approach and philosophy is unique and different from most agencies. We believe in treating our talent, managers, casting directors and everyone we do business alongside, with respect, loving kindness and genuine care.


By integrating more than 20 years of business, marketing and public relations practices in the entertainment industry – we are able to provide the most successful expertise and multi-level platforms for our actors – from our most-seasoned to our developing talent.


Emily is thrilled to be a part of the RPM family! She is a graduate of CSU Fresno and a company member at Theatricum Botanicum. She has worked onstage with A Noise Within and Coeurage Theatre Company, among others. Recently, she filmed a supportng role in “James Dean: A Beautiful Soul” and “Rekindled” with AFI.  She has a passion for improv and is a student with The Groundlings. Her family has told her she is very funny. When she is not on stage or set, Emily has worked as a teacher in drama and basic music with students of all ages and has been known to make a killer la4e or cupcake.



Roxanne Sugar is currently a senior at UCLA, pursuing a Bachelor's in Sociology. As a Los Angeles native who grew up doing voiceover and commercial work, she has been naturally drawn to the world of entertainment. “I hope to continue working within the industry, and I’ve enjoyed learning the ropes at RPM Talent!"


Talia Davis is originally a stage actress from Dallas. She started auditioning and touring in plays as a child and her love for acting has only increased since. After earning her degree in social psychology and theatre she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. She is always interested in knowing the inner-workings of things. “As an actress with a business-oriented mind, I believe it is of the utmost importance to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry one hopes to thrive in, so when I was offered the opportunity to work with the amazing team at RPM I was thrilled! It has been such an eye-opening experience that has already begun to shift the trajectory of my career. Honestly, every actor should do this!”

Victoria Schneider

Victoria Schneider was born and raised in Northern California. She made the move to Los Angeles three years ago when she decided she wanted to pursue a life in the Entertainment Industry. Since her move she has graduated from The New York Film Academy with her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, and is currently getting her Master's in Screenwriting.  She recently wrapped her lead role in the web series “Unicorn” and is currently finishing a feature film called “Ghost Written.” When Victoria isn’t in front of the camera she is working on developing and writing feature films, shorts, and web series. Aside from work within the business she also loves hitting the gym, video gaming with her boyfriend, and watching marathons of classic scary movies.

Katrina Kline

Katrina Kline is currently earning her Masters Degree in Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy, L.A. Campus. Prior to that, she earned a certificate for completing the New York Film Academy’s Acting for Film Workshop. She has a Bachelors Degree from Kansas State University in Family Studies and Human Services with an Emphasis in Sociology and Psychology. Katrina moved from Kansas to Los Angeles in order to pursue her love of Acting and Writing. “Working at RPM has given me a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how this part of the industry works and operates. It has been an amazing learning experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be a part of.”

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